ARB RDRF790 Roller Drawer and Roller Floor Storage Solution for Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited (4-door) is a capable vehicle on and off road. It just got a little better with the new ARB RDRF790 Roller Drawer  providing safe and secure storage. The new Roller Floor Storage gives owners plenty to smile about when considering storage.

ARB Roller Drawer Solution RDRF790

ARB Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Roller Drawer Solution


Jeep Parts understands in order to make the most of the JK’s cargo area and maximize storage and flexibility of use, a new storage solution is needed.

The ARB RDRF790 incorporates a single Roller Drawer and an integrated Roller Floor top.

The design for Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited allows for plenty of accessible and secure storage in the drawer. Installation is quick and easy.

ARB RDRF790 Rollwe Drawer

Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited ARB RDRF790


ARB Roller Floor RDRF790

Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited Roller Floor


The side floor kit is a recommended optional fitment with the ARB RDRF790 roller drawer and roller floor storage module and fills in the area between the outer edge of the drawer and the sides of the vehicle’s interior trim. The side floor kit completes the floor and provides a larger flat top surface while maintaining access to the wheel arch storage areas. Each side floor kit contains both left and right hand side floors.

The JK platform has been equipped with 2 different styles of interior. To properly match the different contours, 2 different sets of side floors have been designed. Please match the proper kit with vehicle’s interior layout, as determined by if the vehicle has a plastic trim or carpeted cargo area.

ARB Roller Drawer and Roller Floor Solution RDRF790

ARB Roller Drawer and Roller Floor Storage Solution


These side floor and install kits can be purchased individually. To provide a ARB RDNRF790 Roller Drawer system and to ease ordering, Jeep Parts suggests using the following kit numbers:

Part/Kit Number

  • 5012010 – JK 4 Door Drawer Kit Plastic Trim & Integrated Sub; Retail $1,333.00
  • 5012020 – JK 4 Door Drawer Kit Carpet Trim; Retail $1,322.00


Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawers have unique and practical features incorporated into their design to ensure high quality, maximum functionality and ease of use.


The RDRF790 incorporates mechanisms on both the roller drawer and the roller floor that lock them in the open position, preventing unintentional closing when the vehicle is on uneven ground. The mechanisms engage at full opening of the roller drawer or roller floor and are disengaged automatically when closing.


Locking mechanisms on the roller drawer and roller floor eliminate movement while closed. Retaining the drawer and roller floor in this way prevents rattles and wear and tear while driving.


The roller drawer and roller floor bearings run on purpose-folded stainless steel runners. Smooth operation is ensured because stainless steel offers the best surface for bearings to run on resulting in smooth quiet operation. Galvanized bearing runners are not used because the galvanized coating transfers onto the bearings creating rough operation and an opportunity for corrosion to start. Tool chest style telescopic runners are not used because of the slop and movement they allow. This constant movement while driving accelerates wear and deterioration when used in automotive applications.


Exterior surfaces are finished in hardwearing commercial carpet and interior surfaces are trimmed in an automotive trunk material. Both materials resist abrasion and conceal dirt from gritty off-road conditions.


Aluminum and ruggedized plastics are used to mirror the tough nature of the Wrangler.


Slam shut/pull open handles make opening and closing both the roller drawer and the roller floor an ease, even with hands full of gear. The roller drawer handle is key lockable and the roller floor has a mechanical lock under the top behind the handle. The roller floor can be locked before closing and key locking the drawer to provide good security.


Drawer Internal Dimensions 28.7” Wide X 25.7” Long X 8.6” Deep
Drawer Extension Travel 15.75”
Roller Floor Extension Travel 15.87”
Weight 105.82 lbs


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